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Why You Should Have Your
Small Business ISO Certified

Wednesday 22nd December 2022

Small businesses could perhaps be described as the engine room of the British economy, as they make up a staggering 99.9% of the UK’s business population, and are responsible for approximately half of the UK’s private sector turnover.

Be that as it may, small businesses face a number of challenges, ranging from the increased cost of living, to supply chain issues caused by ongoing global problems such as the pandemic and the outbreak of war in Europe.

As a result, if you are the owner of a small business, it’s vital that you do everything within your power to increase your venture’s chances of success. One way of doing this is by getting your business certified.

This will not only help it stand out from the crowd, but can also improve your chances of winning more bids or tenders.

In addition, getting a certification can help you develop a more cost-effective and productive way of running your business.

You Can Prevent Recurring Problems

One of the major benefits of an ISO certification is the procedures it requires businesses to follow, which include noting down any issues, investigating their cause, and finding solutions.

These processes help to ensure that any serious problems do not happen again, thereby saving your organisation time, money, and stress.

You Will Have Greater Control

Because ISO standards require constant monitoring, analysis, and evaluation of your business and its standards of quality, you will have a much deeper insight into every aspect of your enterprise.

This knowledge will, in turn, provide you with enhanced control over your business. Not only will you have a clear understanding of any weak points that require your focus, but you will also be able to pinpoint which elements of your business are particularly successful.

Your Employees Will Be More Productive

When you follow ISO standards, you not only focus on providing high quality for your customers, but for your employees as well.

This will have the positive effect of boosting your staff’s morale and producing a more productive and committed workforce.

What You Should Know About The
ISO 9001 Certification

In particular, one of the certifications you may wish to acquire for your business is the ISO 9001 certification.

This widely used certification serves as the International Standard for Quality Management Systems across the globe.

Originally unveiled in 1987, the certification’s latest iteration dates from 2015.
The purpose of ISO 9001 is to ensure that businesses and organisations have a solid framework in place to guarantee a high standard of quality when it comes to the goods or services they provide.

There are seven quality management principles included in the certification.

The benefits of achieving an ISO 9001 certification for small businesses include higher productivity, increased revenue, and heightened employee morale, to name a few.

If you would like to achieve this certification, you can do so with the help of QMS International, whose experienced and knowledgeable team of auditors and consultants can guide you through every stage of the certification process.

Boost Your Business

As you can see, there are various advantages to becoming ISO certified as a small business.

Another significant boon is that your business will become more appealing to customers, which will hopefully help your enterprise to blossom, even in challenging times.

As a result, ISO certification may be a step in your business plan that you strongly wish to consider, to promote your venture’s growth.










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