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3 Areas Where Property Developers
Could Save Money

Friday 18th November 2022


Property developers can perform great feats if they have the right resources in place. The quality of life for homeowners can be improved too.

Still, these firms need more fuel in their tank. After all, it’s been said that more need to build homes, as too many are reluctant.

A greater willingness may come around if these ambitions can be sufficiently funded.

It’s not always the case that help will come from an external source either, be it investors or government support packages.

Property developers could potentially do more here, approaching their goals differently to feasibly cut costs.

Here are some of the areas where they can save money.

Attempt the Project Yourself

To save time rather than money, some property developers will secure land or structures and pass them over to other builders to do all the heavy lifting. It can be a needless waste of money.

It’s possible to secure discounted rates when negotiating building contracts. Nevertheless, it’s better to attempt the project yourself if you and your colleagues have the necessary experience.

That way, you can approach things resourcefully, procure materials more cost-effectively from suppliers, and pace a safer work schedule rather than taking too much on at once.

Remember, DIY is nearly always more cost-effective in every walk of life, personal or professional. Try to enjoy and embrace that side of things; these working opportunities will yield significant short-term and long-term savings.

Shop Around for Coverage

There’s no legal obligation for those developing new builds to have warranties in place.

However, it’d not be smart to forego them entirely to try and save money, as most lenders require them.

Buildsafe can help you save up to 30% with a 10 years building warranty today, so quickly fill out their form and get a quote at the earliest opportunity.

Shopping around for warranty coverage ensures you secure the best deal possible. It can also give you peace of mind, as you won’t be regularly wondering whether you could have found a more cost-effective deal. Be proactive in looking for those all-important warranty savings, and you’ll find them.

Buy at Auction

Property developers can build new homes, but they can also buy existing ones and renovate them.

If you’re in the latter camp, you should try to master the art of navigating a property auction.

There are pros and cons to property auctions, but the main advantage is that the bidding wars often start well below market value.

The seller may also be desperate to sell in today’s climate, where prospective homeowners are cautious of the market and tight with their spending. All of these factors could help you secure property much more cost-effectively.

Moreover, auction properties are more likely to require significant renovation work to be carried out. Your full range of talents can be utilised here fully, and you can give rundown properties a very profitable makeover.

So long as you’re strategic with your approach, you should find great success at property auctions as a developer.



























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