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Warning To Be Alert Following Chesterfield Town Centre Purse Thefts

Wednesday August 25th 2010

Derbyshire Police are warning shoppers in Chesterfield town centre to be vigilant after five people had their purses or wallets stolen in one day.
The thefts all happened in the Market Place on Thursday, August 19 between 10am and noon. Most victims only noticed their purses were missing when they came to pay for goods.

The first theft took place at around 10am when a 70-year-old man bent down to look at some pictures on a market stall. He then felt a woman bump into him and only later realised his wallet was missing from his blazer pocket.

A 45-year-old man also had his wallet taken from his pocket while browsing the flea market at around 11am. He discovered it was missing when he went to buy something from a stall a short while later.

In separate incidents two elderly women had their purses taken from their bags while in the Market Place between 11am and noon.

At around 11.30am and elderly couple were looking around the stalls in the town centre when the woman noticed her purse had been removed from her pocket.

None of the victims noticed any suspicious activity or were able to give descriptions of suspicious people.

Safer Neighbourhoods officers in Chesterfield are advising shoppers to keep bags securely fastened at all times. They're also urging people not to keep wallets in open pockets and not to use back pockets.

They say that there are many techniques used by thieves who will try and distract people whilst the crime is committed. Many pick pockets will 'accidentally' bump into their victim and then pretend to help them up or apologise while removing a wallet or purse from an open bag or pocket.
Police Community Support Officer Tiffany Hall said, "These are opportunist thieves who are waiting for an easy target. Don't be that easy target by making sure you are aware of your surroundings, your handbag is secure and in view and any pockets containing valuables are fastened."

If you have any information about these or any other thefts in the town centre call Derbyshire police on 0345 123 3333 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.









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