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The Chesterfield 'Walk This Way' Group

CWtW began in 2001 as a collaborative project between Chesterfield Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council Countryside Service to start Walking for Health (WfH) groups in the Chesterfield Borough. 

By 2005 the CWtW Network, run entirely by volunteers, was established, still under the guidance of the Council's project leaders. There were 10 autonomous groups in the network. It was now time for the group to become self reliant. The first AGM was held in the Town Hall on 30th June 2005.  At that meeting a Management Committee was elected to oversee the running of the scheme.  In addition it was decided that each group should be represented by two members on the Network Committee. These two Committees each meet four times a year. Since that AGM one group has left the Network and one group has joined. 

So, what is 'Walk This Way' ?

A network across Chesterfield, made up of groups of diverse members - all ages and all abilities who want to walk in the fresh air, amongst people, but who can't manage walking or hiking.

Current recommendations suggest that just 30 minutes a day of moderate activity is all it takes to feel the difference. Walk for Health groups offer a walk every day of the week in areas throughout Chesterfield. Anyone is welcome to take part.

What is a 'Walking for Health' walk?

There are various definitions:
    1.  A WfH walk is a short walk in your local area.
    2.  A WfH walk is a short, brisk walk undertaken on a regular basis.
    3.  An Entry Level walk is short, flat and has no stiles.
    4.  When walking on a WfH walk you should feel a little warmer, breathe a little more heavily and your heart should beat a little faster BUT you should still be able to carry on a conversation.
    5.  For regular walkers WfH walks generally last between one and two hours.  New walkers may begin with 20 mins or half an hour. It is suggested that people should aim at walking for about 30 minutes 5 times each week.
    6.  WfH walks always include some social time during and after the walk.  Most finish with at least a drink and a biscuit. Social interaction is just as important as the walking.

Who is WfH for?

People who, for whatever reason, have not exercised recently. People with some disability or who are building up strength after an illness or heart problems.

Some groups in CWtW meet at the same place each time and walk only in their local area, some groups go further afield.

If you wish to know more about WfH in general go to and watch the DVD  'A guide to Health Walks'.





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